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From startups to large businesses and working to most budgets, we offer web design and creative services to help you build your business online. 

What we do

We offer a collaborative approach to web design & creative solutions that meet your goals & budget.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Web Design Solutions, Creative Services, Technical Support and Web Hosting Services.

We work with you to help you to develop your business online. This is never just about your website and whilst we will produce an amazing website for you, we will also, with our creative skills and local partnerships, help you to enhance your business and brand across all digital and offline media platforms.

Bespoke Web Design


Based in Bermondsey, London, Operandum are a leading UK furniture consultancy firm.

As part of a brand refresh, this bespoke website stands out and flows seamlessly across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. 

You want a website that looks and feels amazing.

Over 25 years Experience

Using our skills, experience and the tools we have at our disposal, we produce amazing websites.

The first step for us is the discovery phase, where we will get to know you and your business and get a solid understanding of your goals and budget. 

We will then develop a website and creative strategy as well as look at potential partners to help you to meet your goals.  

See our FAQs below for more information on how we work below.

Web Design

Redboat Design specialise in designing and building beautiful user-friendly websites including affordable options. 

We can also offer monthly website subscription packages that include a full website build and full ongoing website management on a monthly or annual basis..

Web Hosting

Redboat Design provide scalable managed web hosting with support, backups and monitoring. Our clients benefit from pro-active, personal support with very fast response times. 

Web Maintenance

Our technical support includes website content updates, functionality updates as well as security updates. In addition to this, we offer core CMS maintenance, scheduled backups and website and WordPress training and IT support.

Our Partners

Redboat Design specialise in Website Design, Creative Design and Photography. Sometimes, we will work with or recommend various partners if required, to help you to achieve your project goals. Our contacts include, specialist Marketing / Branding / PR / Social Media partners to help build your brand awareness through to expert Copywriters to deliver your tone of voice.

Hosting, Support & SEO​

We offer ongoing website maintenance, SEO and website hosting on an annual or monthly recurring basis. 

Trust Us - You're in Good Hands​

We are a freelance web design agency in Tunbridge Wells and we have been designing, hosting and maintaining websites since 2005. 

We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and our aim is to guide you throughout the process and deliver the very best solution to meet your goals, for the budget you give us.


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Always here to help

If you choose, we can look after your website, making sure it is always up to date and secure.

All websites need care and attention in their lifetime, and we offer various maintenance packages to help with this. From our standard update, security and backup package through to our packages that include ongoing feature and content requests we are here to help.

E-Commerce Web Design

How we helped Freestyle Training

Freestyle Training offer Enduro Training and Practice days.  We developed, host and maintain their new website which has helped them to increase online visibility and sales. 

Since launch and with our help, Freestyle Training has significantly increased enquiries and go from strength to strength allowing them to expand to new training locations.  We also provide ongoing photography for them as the resident photographer at their events.


We are here to help you with any questions you may have

We are specialists in Web Design, Creative Design and Photography.

In short, Redboat Design can design and build great looking, functional websites as well as design your logo, brand identity, extending to printed media and your social media identity.

Redboat Design also have a proven record in SEO but will sometimes recommend one of our partners if your marketing goals require this.

Redboat Design also offer photography and video / film making services.

This depends on the scale of the site and features required. A one or several page brochure website can take 2 to 20 days whereas an e-commerce website can take approx 10 to 60 days depending upon the scale. The time required also depends upon the solution and service we provide to develop your website.

The above are estimates and a fully bespoke website will take a lot longer than a website based upon a framework solution. After speaking to you, we will give you a calculation of the amount of days it will take to complete your project and provide you with an estimate.

For those on a very limited budget, Redboat Design can also suggest website solutions which can reduce time to approx 1 to 2 days consultancy. We can also help with your existing websites and sometimes we may recommend this.

Redboat Design will always ask for your budget in our initial conversations. As we have said way up at the top of the site, we can work to almost any budget.

Knowing your budget from the outset, helps us to provide the very best solution that works for your business and goals. 

Redboat Design also offer a pay monthly or annual subscription service. This includes everything from the website design and build through to ongoing maintenance and hosting. POA

It is important to remember that other costs should also be considered such as domain names, hosting, SEO/SEM/Marketing, Social Media Management, Website maintenance, stock images, photography and copywriting for example.

Redboat Design will talk through and advise on all of these during our initial chat.

After our initial web consultancy discussions and site map development, you will need to provide all the content for the website. If you do not have images, Redboat Design will advise and offer to source stock images for you.

Redboat Design will also advise you on all content and can also source copywriters if required.

Redboat Design offer several website maintenance and support packages. Our basic package ensures that your website is kept up to date and secure.

This also includes backups, Bug fixes and Disaster recovery. Our costs start at £560 per annum.

Redboat Design can also offer a content management package where we can take care of everything including adding supplied copy, images and feature requests to your website.

Redboat Design are a web design agency in Tunbridge Wells and have been in business since 2005. We have developed hundreds of websites in that time and we have also helped with SEO, logo design, promotional material design, social media design and guidance, branding and IT infrastructures.

Redboat Design are now one of the longest established web design companies in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Redboat Design have over 25 years of website design experience and have an established reputation for quality of service and customer support.

Redboat Design will also make the process very easy for you and charge you according to the actual time taken on a project.

Redboat Design can advise you on the methods you can use to market your business and website to help gain ranking and brand awareness.

This for example includes social media marketing, Google and Facebook ADs as well as traditional marketing techniques

We can also provide on-site SEO as well as ongoing SEO/SEM to focus your website on keywords and phrases.

It is very important to note that you will require a monthly marketing budget for ongoing SEO/SEM. This is not included in the website build costs.

There is a large amount of work and time required to build brand awareness and your presence online and the costs associated vary between £200 to £2500 per month, depending upon your sector, target audience and your competition. We may also advise you to work with one of our specialist  partners if your have specific goals.

We can discuss your requirements and the options available when we speak. 

Once the time required has been estimated for  your project  a 50% deposit will be required.

No Deposit is required for our subscription service as this is a monthly or annual recurring payment.

Redboat Design offer scalable hosting services and hosting support. Hosting starts at £140 per year, and Redboat Design take care of all the setup through to the launch of your website.

Redboat Design can offer Exchange email hosting, but also recommend Office 365 or similar. 

Redboat Design can of course, with our IT knowledge,  help you with setting everything up.

Redboat Design specialise in brochure websites but can develop any type of website from a simple onepage brochure website through to a full e-commerce website.

Redboat Design can offer bespoke web design options through to options using pre defined frameworks.

Redboat Design have helped many companies who use these systems to design and optimise their website, producing great results.

So, yes is the answer to that.


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