Welcome to your new web department

Let us be part of your team and build, host and manage your website all for a simple monthly cost*.


How does it work?

For a simply monthly or annual cost, we will build you a new website, maintain it throughout and apply all the content and feature updates you need. 

Hosting, Backups, security and essential core system updates are also included.

Run your business

Concentrate on running your business and allow your employees to concentrate on their roles and primary skills. For anything relating to the website, you simply ask us to complete as well as help develop your online presence. 

See us as being your very own web department.


Very, you will get your own web department all for a monthly fee. T&Cs apply  Hire us at a  fraction of what it might cost to employ somebody to run your company website as well as other external costs.

CALL  01892 538 024 or 07738 230 764
or Email info@redboatdesign.com

What does it include?

Hire us and everything is taken care of.

  • Full Content Management of the site
  • Site revisions and updates
  • New pages and blogs
  • Site develops an issue? We will fix it
  • Future development 
  • Hosting
  • Technical and Security Updates
All of this and more is included in the subscription.