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How much does a website cost? – Our Approach

From startups through to large businesses, Redboat Design offer web design and creative design to help you build your business online.


How much does a website cost?

One of the first questions we get asked is how much a website will cost. This can be a hard question to answer in the initial stages as all websites are different.

Some projects might involve ecommerce or a portfolio section for example and this involves additional functionality and time required to build.

Our Approach To Website Costs.

Our approach, is to get an full understanding of what you want to achieve as well as your goals. Based upon this, we will work with you to find the best solution that fits with this as well as with your budget.

We can advise on many solutions, from full bespoke websites through to a consultancy service and website training to help you get the best result for your company and online presence.

For some clients this may involve a day or two of consultancy helping you to get the very best out of a 3rd party system or you may choose to assign a staff member to learn how to put a website together for you. In this case we can offer full guidance and training.

Flexible Solutions.

Redboat Design are not fixed to any one solution and are happy to help whatever your budget. Website solutions can cost anywhere from approx. £500 through to 100K+ but there are many solutions and options available to suit all budgets.

Even if you have a small budget, this does not mean a compromise on quality. Whilst you might not get some of the functionality at a lower budget you can still achieve a great looking website.

We can also offer a monthly service that takes care of everything at an simply monthly cost. You can find out more information on how to get your own web department here.

What Kind Of Website Are You After And What Are Your Goals?

Have a think about your goals and the type of site you require. Do you really need a multi page website? Does it need to be complicated?

i.e. Let’s say that you are selling a few products or services. We would perhaps recommend that you opt for a high quality One Page Product / Service Promotion Website that includes everything you need. You can then concentrate your budget towards social media and other marketing techniques. There are many successful companies out there that use this approach and use Instagram for example to create brand awareness and to promote their products or services online.

An example of this is the Black Dog Cafe in Tunbridge Wells, a client of ours. A highly successful cafe in Tunbridge Wells, Kent that has driven it’s reputation for great coffee and food via instagram and social media.  You can view their instagram profile here.

Their one page website acts a as a promotional portal for their business, also displaying their instagram feed. In regards to SEO? This is not important to them as they understand that marketing their business comes from creating connections and a bit of hard work and this is true for most businesses.

In saying that and even though it is a one page website they do rank on page one for key local searches with the onsite SEO we put in place. As we always say though, Google is not your salesman and all successful businesses need to market and promote themselves both on and offline.

We Are Here To Help And Advise.

Give us a call or email and we can talk through the solutions and options available to you and your business. If you only have a small budget because you may just be starting out this is not a problem. There are solutions and advice we can give you that will get you started and without any compromise on quality.