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From startups through to large businesses, Redboat Design offer web design and creative design to help you build your business online.


Square Space Designers

Redboat Design embrace Squarespace and all solutions that allow for a great looking and performing website at a lower budget.

We are all about helping our clients get the best solution that fits their goals and budget.

Squarespace in the wrong hands will be a disaster. We have seen so many clients that have come to us with a site that they, a friend of a friend and even 3rd party web designers have put together and they all look like somebody has dropped a pack of eggs on the floor.

Squarespace however in the right hands i.e. Ours, is a great budget friendly platform to work and design for. Especially suitable for startups and for simple brochure websites. You can also sell stuff on the platform and for small stores, Squarespace could be ideal.

When we talk to you about your project and how we can help, if suitable, Squarespace will be mentioned as a potential solution.

Page builders are the future. You need to know how to design still and whilst we still spend hours  in the dark, coding bespoke websites and website functionality, there is no reason not to consider a Page Builder system, if it will work for your project and your budget.

Show me a good looking Squarespace site and I will eat my shorts.

We recently worked with Better Endings. An end of life Doula and Workplace support company.

Their website looked terrible and whilst we could have suggested that they spend thousands on a WordPress site or Bespoke site as other designers had done, we turned our design eye to Squarespace and produced a beautiful brand lead website that took us 3 days to complete.

This in turn allowed them to use their additional budget on social media and other marketing tasks.

You can view the result here.

If you have a terrible looking Squarespace site or you are interested in how we can help you with setting one up on the platform. Please get in touch.